Fight discrimination as a team

Marc Schuurman
Social Media Lead

Discrimination, homophobia and sexism are on the rise in our societies, which also affects UEFA matches and online platforms. It is one of the biggest problems in football today. And it is everybody's responsibility to get rid of it. UEFA is committed to create positive social impact through the continuation of its Equal Game campaign during EURO2020 under the name Sign for an Equal Game.

We have co-created the Sign for an Equal Game campaign with UEFA and Triple Double, centred around the belief that we can only fight discrimination if we stand together as a team. Six of the biggest football talents of this generation invite young football fans to team up against racism and discrimination and digitally sign for more equality in football: Paul Pogba, Pernille Harder, Jadon Sancho, Matthijs de Ligt, Moise Kean and João Félix. By also sharing their signature online, the players and their fans are leading by example.

Everyone in the football community can sign for an Equal Game and create their own signature card via

TDE & Equal Game

We are in charge of an optimal distribution for all created content across all players, leagues and UEFA social media channels and the first contact for all admins. At this stage Instagram is the main focus of the distribution of all campaign content. Other social media such as TikTok and paid advertising will follow soon.

In addition we built where you can join Paul, Pernille, Jadon, Matthijs, Moise and João by signing for an Equal Game. It's probably the best performing website we have worked on as a team in order to control the peaks in traffic. We successfully managed to do so by both keeping the website as light as possible and scaling the hosting set-up in a very advanced way. This enables us to handle thousands of signings at the same time.