New stuff

Digital innovations in sportmarketing

At TDE we love digitally-enabled innovations. That’s why we always make time to research and develop emerging techniques. We then let clients in on this to serve them even better. Or even better; we suprise them ⚡️

Currently we are working on some high-potential techniques:

Internet of Things (IoT)

We’d like things to be smart. That’s why we make dumb stuff look great again. Like a Smart Medal for instance.

Conversational Systems

We love to chat. Siri, Google Assistant and Alexa are our best mates. Next to these virtual assistants we develop chatbots like the Chessbot and AskWisdom.

Machine Learning

It's not that we don't like John Motson, but why can't everybody have a commentator nowadays? That's why we are learning a test-to-speech machine, turning each everyone into a commentator. More to be announced soon :)

Deep Learning

We ❤️ computers in many ways. That's why we are trying to learn them human behaviors, to love them even more. Like recognising patterns en sounds.

TDE - Getting you closer

We strongly believe in the power of technology when it comes to sportmarketing. Because techniques makes it possible to capture the emotions in sport. Everybody can feel the excitement, look back to memorable performances or even get you to the finish.


Head of Innovation

Currently we are also working on projects with Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality. Want to chat about a technique or an idea? Challenge us!

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