This is how we managed to get 170,000 Formula One-fans to sign the petition for a Grand Prix in The Netherlands.


The Grand Prix of The Netherlands has been a thing for a while now. Is the petition of Ziggo figurehead Rob van Gemeren the final push?



  • Webdevelopment
  • Social media management
  • Strategy & Creation
  • Digital design


- Concept & strategy
- UX & design
- Campaign website
- Social media management
- Social media advertising
- Promotion & PR

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Saturday 08:30 AM, the phone rings. Can we build a website immediately and develop a promotion strategy for Rob van Gameren for his petition to bring Formula One to The Netherlands?

08:47 AM: Slack and WhatsApp run overtime. Entire TDE is on board and is multidisciplinary engaged in design, development, hosting engineering, the development of a promotion strategy and the organization of social media ads. At the beginning of the afternoon we are live and the first 10,000 F1 fans are signing Rob's petition.

During the remainder of the weekend everyone is working feverishly to fine-tune things and to boost the petition through celebrities, media and advertising. In addition, together with our colleagues from Triple Double and Ziggo, we also create a number of offline activations and also create the triangle with TDE customer Racingnews365 to generate extra reach. Finally, we also switched directly with our colleagues from SportsCloud to fully integrate the campaign into the Ziggo Sport data strategy.

How did we finally get 170,000 people to sign? Scrolling is knowing!

The fastest website ever built?

Looking at the campaign website, there are not many exciting things to discover at first sight. Under the bonnet, however, this is where the magic happens! Because campaigns such as these often involve peak loads, we have fully optimized the website to handle this. We did this through, here it comes; a combination of caching and by shifting the back end of the application to the Amazon API Gateway (for a workshop you can mail to jordi@tde.nl :)). In addition, we organized the hosting environment in such a way that two autonomous servers ran side by side. This was useful because we were able to scale up 'horizontally'. But because the website was running so smooth, we actually just downsized the server. Sometimes that's nice too!


The F1 Petition takes over The Netherlands

Wow, we are going viral! Thanks to a sophisticated media strategy, in the first week we get all national newspapers, regional newspapers, all Formula One sites, Radio 538, Radio 1, Radio 2, Hart van Nederland and Laat op 1. Of course, during the F1 broadcasts of Ziggo Sport there is also plenty of attention for the petition. It is nice to see that the amount of website visitors went sky high during this broadcast. Linear TV is alive and kicking, long live linear TV 😉 ..

In addition to media, we also focus on influencers. Through our own influencer Francien, we went on the hunt (successfully) to generate more traffic through these channels as well. Paid social media posts also played an important role in the success of the campaign. In particular, the social posts aimed at F1 fans who had already signed, with the request to tag other people, yielded an extremely low CPC! With all these efforts we finally achieved 170,760 digital signatures.

Off to England!

September 11, 2018 was the big day! The moment to offer the more than 170,000 signatures at Formula One Management (FOM) in London. Has this been the final push to get the F1 to The Netherlands?

Check the footage below! 👇🏻๏ธ

Great to see how fast a campaign can be rolled out!

โ€” Mart Roumen, Sport Campaigner Ziggo


Back-end Developer | DevOps

As a F1 fan myself, it is unique that you are part of a team that gets 169,999 other F1 fans to sign this petition. In addition, it is of course extremely cool to see your work reflected in different TV programs! That can not be said by every developer 😉

Check it out!