World of Cruyff

A digital ode to the one and only number 14.

World of Cruyff

We celebrate Johan his birhtday together with World of Cruyff and the Johan Cruyff Foundation. A great moment to put new life into his signature.


  • Webdevelopment
  • Social media management
  • Strategy & Creation
  • Digital design


- Concept & Strategy
- Digital platform
- Social media management
- Social media design

Now it's your turn

Johan inspired us. All of us. On the pitch often with his iconical Cruyff turn, a way to create space out of nothing. Off the pitch because he was always there for anyone else.

His birthday was the kick off of the #CruyffTurn campaign, calling his fans to come up with #CruyffTurn creations and share them to inspire the world. As a result? Ronald de Boer, Johan Heitinga and Jackie Groenen contributed. Followed by publicity of FC Barcelona, Ajax, ‘OnsOranje’, submitted drawings, even running routes were sent as well as loads of single cut movements and turning movements from all over the world by young and old.

A selection of all submitted creations can be seen on a Socialwall via

Create your own #CruyffTurn

The story behind the animation

How to approach the Cruyff turn as similar as possible in an animation? Not. So, we cutted it frame by frame to be able to show you the exact movement the audience saw in 1974. By adding a 84 framed mask, we were able to fill this mask in many different ways with textures, colors and lines. This has been done that the movement remains identical, however in a new look and feel to encourage everyone to do something special with this unique movement.

By adjusting a mask in 84 frames, we could later fill this mask in many ways with textures, colors and lines. So that the movement remains identical, but with a new look and feel. And in that way encourage everyone to do something special with the unique movement.

It’s special and remarkable to see what campaigns like these can do. All relevant major social media channels in soccer have paid attention to the #CruyffTurn on April 25th. Pretty cool!

Check it out!