Volvo Ocean Race

Meet AskWisdom, the chatbot of the Dutch Watersportverbond, which was first scooped during the Volvo Ocean Race finish in The Hague.


The Watersportverbond represents about 400 member associations with a total of 80,000 members. The goal is to make water sports accessible and affordable for everyone.


  • Webdevelopment
  • Strategy & Creation


- Concept & strategy
- Chatbot CMS
- Chatbot implementation

The first chatbot ever launched by a Dutch sports association

Imagine. You have the privilege of being able to organize one of the most beautiful sports moments in the world at the moment suprême. How would you deal with the questions of 400,000 visitors and how do you get to know these water sports enthusiasts better? Our answer to these questions of the Watersportverbond and organizer TIG Sports: AskWisdom. The first chatbot ever launched by a Dutch sports association!

Oh, of course, a chatbot. Very popular. But why did we really choose to use a chatbot? It is not entirely coincidental that this tool is extremely suitable for an interactive visitor to take along all questions asked. Something that perfectly matched the objective of a 9+ experience for the visitors.

In line with this, chatbots are also characterized by broadcast functionality via push notifications. In the case of the Volvo Ocean Race finish event in The Hague, this functionality has been turned into a relevant service: the Finish Alert. This informed users in the days leading up to the blood-curdling finish of the expected arrival time of the boats. You never know which way the wind blows ;-).

At the same time, it is an ideal way to combine the collection of marketing data (yes, with the right permission in the context of GDPR and in cooperation with our SportsCloud colleagues) with offering of services.

Want to know more about AskWisdom? Below you will find more ins & outs!

Thousands of conversations...

In the end there were almost 5,000 conversations via AskWisdom about the subjects accessibility (quite handy during an public transport strike ;-)), parking and the program schedule. Imagine that these conversations should all have been conducted by a human being?! We can hardly think about it. Not to mention the costs. In addition, more than 3,500 people have signed up for the Finish Alert.

Finally, AskWisdom also had a built-in 'side-event voter' functionality. First he asked the visitor which day he or she was planning to come. Then we served all side events of that day, with the question whether or not they were interesting for the visitor. Based on his or her answers, we then calculated a possible program including time schedules. #allsuperpractical

But, how does this chatbot work?

You can probably imagine that a lot of technology is involved in the development of a chatbot. You guessed right :-) First of all, we have developed a framework in which the conversations can be structured with so-called cards. We then created a link with Facebook Messenger to facilitate the conversations.

Why Facebook Messenger? To be able to campaign towards the users via push notifications. This means users do not have to download a separate app and they still receive push messages. That is how the audience is increased. Yeah, that's been thought about! Do you have any other questions? Then please contact our Chief Chatbot Officer Michiel.

Thanks to AskWisdom, visitors were up-to-date in an interactive way and we were able to collect interesting data from them!

— Anne-Loes Kokhuis, Manager Commerce & Communication Watersportverbond

van Looijengoed

Head of Development

The Volvo Ocean Race is one of the largest and most unique events in the world. Just therefore only it is very cool that we as The Netherlands could organize the finish of this event. And for us, of course, it is a privilege to make an innovative chatbot together with E-sites to enhance the experience of the visitor even further. Given the results, I am absolutely convinced that this is only the very beginning of chatbots in the Dutch sports world.

Check it out!