Under Armour

Behind the scenes of the digital-first European content strategy of a fast-growing sports brand.

Under Armour

In North America, Under Armour is one of the most important players and now it's time to conquer Europe. We’re lending a helping hand.


  • Social media management
  • Strategy & Creation
  • Digital design


- Concept & Strategy
- Social media management
- Social media design
- Social media advertising

Digital first to conquer Europe.

Sport and technology, we know those areas very well. That's why this collaboration with Under Armour might just be the "perfect fit". The fast-growing brand has already conquered the sports market in North America and is also a tech-minded company. With a connected fitness community (200 million registered users) and their own fitness app, they’ve been out on the digital playing field for a while.

Our paths crossed right on that playing field. Since January 2017, we’ve been supporting Under Armour in the field of social media management and we worked on the digital-first European content strategy. Under Armour understands the power of online and we know how to use that power to the max.

It's time to conquer Europe. #WEWILL 👇🏻️

Work we created

Content to identify target groups

The right pictures in the right places. A boxing fan would rather look at Under Armor apparel with Anthony Joshua in it, while someone who loves tennis prefers Andy Murray. Sounds logical but in the mix of organic and paid content that’s served up, you can learn a lot from video watch-times and the engagement scores of different posts.

By analyzing the results, you get insights that help you improve performance every day. The digital playing field constantly changes and so our (content) strategies change too. It's impossible to finish this game but the athlete who hides in us all is determined to set a personal best, time after time.

Opening Flagship Store

What do you do for a brand that opens her first Flagship Store in the Netherlands? We've put a lot of effort in creating a cool video announcement. Next to it we also developed a Facebook Messenger chatbot which facilitated the sign-up proces for an exclusive VIP-treatment. A mini-campaign that perfectly fits with an innovative and tech-driven brand like Under Armour. Pretty cool, right?

TDE & Under Armour have a matching DNA, in innovation, ambition & pace. And it works like a charm!

— Janne Kuipers, Content & Community Specialist, EMEA


Manager Social Media

For our social media team, Under Armour is more than a multifaceted client. We’re dealing with creation, distribution, analysis, and content monitoring for a great, up-and-coming brand in the European sports market.

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