Team Jumbo-Visma

This is the story about our digital attack together with Team Jumbo-Visma

Team Jumbo-Visma

The Netherlands’ largest cycling and speed skating team has the ambition to get to the very top in both sporting and digital terms.


  • Webdevelopment
  • Social media management
  • Strategy & Creation
  • Digital design


- Concept & strategy
- UX & design
- Digital platform and webshop
- Digital strategy
- Customer profiling
- Digital campaigning
- Social media design

How we collectively change the status quo

These days, performing at the highest level as a cycling team is not an easy feat. While it is common for most sports clubs/teams to benefit from revenues earned through TV rights, merchandise, and ticket sales; currently, cycling teams depend almost entirely on sponsorships. We can certainly say that this poses a great challenge.

Even with multiple A-brands and multi-year sponsorship contracts, you should always challenge yourself. This is why the team keeps thinking and looking ahead. It wants to break free from the status quo that exists in today’s professional cycling world and develop sustainable earnings models that fit in with where we are now. In addition, the extremely successful speed-skating team needs to get maximum exposure. This is where we 👋🏻 come into play. Hello Jumbo-Visma!

On a regular basis we look at how we can create added value through digital possibilities on a daily basis. We always start from the principle that content has to be relevant to visitors (fans and active athletes), the team, and partners. A digital launch to promote a new era of cycling. Because we believe in the power of sports and use it to create and develop digital connections.

Oh, and as part of this, we created a very cool new platform and a super sleek digital design ;)

You cannot win the Tour under your own steam…

People say: ‘You cannot win the Tour under your own steam’. It’s true… but what does this have to do with the developments that the team focuses on? 🤨A lot, if not everything! Everyone knows that athletes need the right preparation and training to achieve optimal performance in a race. The same rules and conditions are necessary for a (digital) marketing machine to excel.

A state-of-the-art platform is essential to our strategy. This should become the place where cycling fans, skating fans, and active athletes discover content and added value that they cannot find anywhere else. After all, the foundation must be solid.

The road to new earnings models

Every day, we are a marketing team on a mission. Together, we energetically brainstorm about the best content formats to profile fans and active athletes. A process that makes the most of our digital craft: creating, developing, measuring, adjusting, measuring, refining, and perfecting. How do we ensure the perfect activation that delivers what we want in terms of both data and profiling? We use everything from mini-campaigns for free gadget giveaways (the framed picture of Wout van Aert) to (partner) campaigns for the Tour de France.

But we don’t stop here. With our deep-rooted passion for cycling and skating, we put ourselves in the visitors’ shoes. From this position, we can jointly create strategic plans for digital earnings models like the launch of the webshop. All in all, a collaboration based on top-class sports mentality, nurtured by a lot of energy, passion, and fun. We feel like we’re part of the team: from high-altitude tracks to cobblestone lanes.

The images speak for themselves

Few sports are more photogenic than cycling. The heroism, the picturesque surroundings, and the exhausted faces. The same applies to speed skating. Just think of an all-round tournament on an outdoor rink! This is why it was simply a no-brainer for us to develop a visually-oriented platform with large images. Together with the team, we are now able to share their success story with the (growing) fan base in an inspiring way!

Collectively building on the ultimate cycling and speed skating platform in the Netherlands. The true sports DNA of TDE and Team Jumbo-Visma makes it very easy-going.

Collectively building on the ultimate cycling and speed skating platform in the Netherlands. The true sports DNA of TDE and Team Jumbo-Visma makes it very easy-going.

— Sander Kruis, Commercial Manager Team Jumbo-Visma


Client Lead

As sports enthusiasts, we always aim for the highest level. It’s unbelievably cool to get the chance to work for one of the most successful cycling teams in the world! From the first 500 metres onwards, the collaboration is as it should be: enthusiastic, inspiring, motivating, and transparent. If we were the leading group in the Tour, I wonder if the peloton could ever catch up with us ;)

Check it out!