PSV’s debut to the PUMA-family.


PSV’s debut to the PUMA-family.



  • Webdevelopment
  • Social media management
  • Strategy & Creation
  • Digital design


- Concept & strategy
- UX & design
- Digital landing page(s)
- Promotion strategy
- Social media management & webcare


The start of the season 2020/2021 will also be the start of a new collaboration between PSV and PUMA. For the coming years, PUMA will be PSV's clothing sponsor, and both parties wanted to make a lasting impression with the fans. In collaboration with Triple Double we came up with a shirt release campaign with the overarching theme ‘Made in Eindhoven’. The city’s many creators play a leading role in this, from athletes to musicians, from artists to inventors, every ‘maker’ is important for Eindhoven. With this in mind we created two appealing digital activations to properly introduce PUMA to the fans of PSV.

Teaser: the activations were quite revolutionary so the next five minutes of reading time are well spent!

Home kit: Personal shirt reveal

After the campaign kicked off with a #madeineindhoven film, we added a personal touch to the shirt release. On a specially designed landing page PSV-fans could choose their name and favorite number, which were then rendered into a 30 second clip on the back of Cody Gakpo's shirt.

More than 20,000 fans took advantage of this unique opportunity to generate a personal video featuring themselves and the new PSV shirt. Of course, technology played a major role in this success. Using video personalization tooling in conjunction with an advanced and scalable Amazon Web Hosting setup, we were able to delight an unlimited number of fans with a personalized movie in real time.

Away kit: Stream to unlock

With the introduction of the away kit we had a scoop. It was the first time that a football shirt was revealed by streaming a video clip. This was done with the track Eind Hoger from the local musician Fresku, written specifically for the shirt reveal. PSV players Cody Gakpo, Ritsu Doan and Noni Madueke play a leading role in the video clip of this track. In the video they wear the new blue PSV away kit, but initially all players were blurred. The more the clip was streamed, the more details became visible. And to create more buzz, updates on the reveal were shared via PSV’s social channels. En masse fans began to stream the clip, and at 09:58 (just 58 minutes after the launch) the video was streamed enough to see the shirt in full detail.

How did we do this? We tracked the views on the video in real time. When a certain quota of views was reached, we switched to a different version of the video edit in which the shirt became more visible. This was repeated until all details were shown. Not a really complex method, but definitely a very effective one.

Social media

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Weibo in China, LINE in Japan, Snapchat, Youtube and LinkedIn were used to introduce the shirt reveals. For each introduction we created custom content for all owned media platforms of PSV. As a result, more than 50 different assets in four different languages were spread worldwide.

In the end we ended up tapping the 2.3 million impressions for the home kit promotion, and with over 3.1 million impressions for the away kit we even exceeded this number.

In fact the numbers are probably even higher, because the reach of the personal accounts from players that shared content about the shirt reveals are not even measured. Players like Ryan Thomas, Maxi Romero, Guti, Ritsu Doan, Mo Ihattaren and many more mentioned PSV and PUMA in their social stories.


Social Media Lead

With these two successful digital activations, we were able to add an extra dimension to the PUMA shirt introductions for PSV-fans. This is shown in the positive reactions, but especially in the sales results, which have exceeded the expectations.

Check it out!