This is how thousands of heartbeats during ‘The Classic’ soccer game created a massive impact in the struggle for saving peoples’ lives.


Opel utilizes their position as a sponsor of Feyenoord by exercising all acquired rights based on a solid strategy. Also digital.



  • Webdevelopment
  • Social media management
  • Strategy & Creation
  • Digital design


- Concept & Strategy
- Android app for reading heart rates
- Data processing API
- Social media management & webcare
- Fan-base marketing

How high does the tension rise?

How exciting is a match for a Feyenoord fan’s heart? To focus attention on the partnership between Opel, Feyenoord and the Heart Foundation, 100 Feyenoord fans got a heart rate monitor at the game of the year: Feyenoord – Ajax. The ‘Heartbeat of the Legion’ was live on FOX Sports and via opel.nl/voorhetleven (for life).

Of course, this didn’t happen by itself. We developed a special Android app that made it possible to connect Bluetooth heart-rate sensors to a smartphone. Then we made the data available to the campaign site and FOX Sports from a central location and in real time. In addition to technical development, we were responsible for distributing activation through Opel and Feyenoord social media channels: before, during and after the game.

Does this activation – nominated for a Dutch Interactive Award – make your heart beat faster? Read all about it 👇🏻️

This makes our heart beats faster!

You can make us happy with technological challenges! The ‘Heartbeat of the Legion’ was one of these. Regular visitors to stadiums know that a stable internet connection isn’t available everywhere, so we solved that challenge by creating a separate WiFi network for this activation. In addition, it was crucial to make the data available in real time. The API developed in combination with an XML feed for FOX Sports didn’t disappoint us.

Website visits


Online impressions


Generated media value


The media jumps on it!

In total, so many articles were published online, in print, national and regional media within a week, that a media value of €1.5 million was measured. This activation made it twice to the front page of the AD and the EditieNL broadcast. Also, Radio Rijnmond reporter Jan Dirk Stouten wore a heart rate monitor during The Classic game in his live radio coverage highlighting the campaign.

When we were working together, i felt like i was engaged with colleagues that i could trust instinctively!

— Caroline Schenk, (ex) Sponsor Manager Opel Netherlands


Managing Partner

My big-game tension was definitely higher than that of the average Feyenoord supporter ;) We’d been preparing for this activation for weeks, and it was one we couldn’t pretest in its entirety. We’d got the PR before a ball had rolled. But the euphoria reached a highpoint when I saw the heart rate counter appear on the TV screen in the Opel Skybox in the FOX Sports broadcast. We’d done it!

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