This is the digital activation that brings tears to your eyes, of joy.


Nationale-Nederlanden is supporter of all runners and helps them achieve their personal running goals.


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Ultimate link between online and offline

Imagine that you’re the sponsor of the biggest running event in the Netherlands, the NN Marathon Rotterdam. This event involves 925,000 supporters lining the route to encourage their heroes and to come into full contact with your brand. How do you ensure maximum impact for your sponsorship?

Together with Triple Double sports marketing we developed the Hardloop (Running) Supporter: a digital activation that allowed supporters to send an encouraging video to their marathon hero via Without a doubt, the ultimate link between today's technical possibilities and the power of sponsorship rights within a major sporting event.

After the NN Marathon Rotterdam, the Hardloop Supporter has also been active at the Amsterdam Marathon and the Brussel Marathon.

Make sure you don’t miss our case-video (and have your tissues ready). Come on in Lee Towers...!

We love tearjerkers!

You're wondering, of course, "but how did they do that?" Simply put: 35 meters before each of the four screens was a time registration point, which in a fraction of a second recognized a participant's chip. By linking the videos to the racenumber of the participants, we played the right video at the right time. By keeping track of for whom and which videos had already been played, we made sure that as many individual runners as possible were shown their own personal encouragement video. Technology in the service of emotion, as it should be.

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31,628 videos submitted in 2017, 2018 and 2019!

All videos submitted are being monitored by us personally. Marc (our social media manager) has normally a short night before the marathon, due to the storm of uploaded videos in the last 24 hours before the race starts. Thus, we are victims of our own promotional strategy ;-). The strength of this strategy? Focusing on the runners as a custom audience with the request of tagging supporters, effectively retargeting from the landing page and targeting the participants' friends on Facebook.


— Alessio Tilocca, Nationale-Nederlanden

van Looijengoed

Creative Lead | Management

Every time I think back on this activation, I get three layers of goose bumps. This project is a textbook example of how sport and technology can strengthen each other. The emotions expressed when runners, at the toughest point of the marathon, get encouragement from their kids or loved ones are indescribable. You can really wake me up at night for this and put me along the route!

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