KNVB Oranje app

A digital fanzone for OnsOranje


With over 1.2 million members, the KNVB is the largest sport association in the Netherlands.


  • Strategy & Creation
  • Digital design
  • Appdevelopment


- App migration
- Concept & strategy
- UX & digital app design
- Native iOS & Android app
- Video assets

We started something

In 2018 we had the honor to develop the new app for the Dutch national team and the OranjeLeeuwinnen. A job that (of course) made our sports heart beat faster! But first we had to take over the existing app and keep it running without users noticing it. Together with our colleagues from E-sites we got this job done.

In the digital world you have to keep up with the latest developments, and fortunately this is one of the top priorities at the KNVB. After the launch of the new app, we continued to innovate together. Both from a functional and visual perspective.

As a result, we recently launched a renewed app, fully in line with Oranje's latest mission statement “We started something”.

The line-up

In 2020 everyone was looking forward to EURO 2020, including us. While Koeman's selection was successfully preparing for the tournament, the KNVB's marketing department did the same by updating their digital style guide (including detailed references to the Orange Lion!). And then suddenly we had to deal with the corona outbreak. Unfortunately this led to the postponement of the European Championship, but luckily this created new possibilities to implement the renewed corporate identity in the app. Including something extra. More on this later 😉

UX-wise nothing changed, because never change a winning team! That's why the match timeline still plays an important role in the app. Easily keep up to date with the teams that interest you. Do you like to know more about other teams? Just swipe left or right to get to know more.

It's all about the details

The corporate identity of the OranjeLeeuwinnen and the Dutch National Team slightly differs from one another. So, we also applied this in the app. You can see this for example in the top bar and in the headers, but also in the match reports and the lineups. It are mainly the small details that make the difference, as is often the case in football of course ⚽️

In the latest update, a digital fan zone has also been added. The fan zone is specially developed for stadium visitors; find your way in and around the stadium or view the highlights of the match directly. In the fan zone you will also find new promotions and fun (sponsor) activations, both for inside as outside the stadium.

The shirt reveal

As promised… for the renewal of the app, we were asked to reveal the new home kit of the Dutch national teams in the onboarding of the app. How cool! In the onboarding of the app, fans can personalize their own shirt by adding their own name and favorite number. And of course for good reason… Fans have a chance to win this brand new shirt! With thousands of participants, this shirt reveal was a great success!

The Dutch national team also won the first game in the Nations League (2020) against Poland, giving both the team and the app a flying start!

The Orange Legion

Via the app tens of thousands of fans are now kept informed about the latest developments of the Dutch national team and the OranjeLeeuwinnen (click here for iOS or Android). Prior to matches, the app is very popular amongst the fans, mainly because the CMS is filled with exciting varied content.

A rock-solid foundation to further innovate together, and a fantastic platform to reach fans right down to their palms through the use of the latest mobile technology.


Client Lead

As a fan it is of course fantastic to be able to contribute to the app of the Dutch national team and the OranjeLeeuwinnen. I am convinced that we have taken a very nice step with this app. Together with the KNVB we will continue to develop and hunt for new successes. In the digital field, but hopefully also at the next big tournament 😉

Check it out!