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The highest football league in the Netherlands since 1956.


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No official champion, yet honorable mentions!

Due to Covid-19, fans in the Netherlands had to get used to a period without any live sport events. The Eredivisie Shirt Festival (ESF) was a relief to many fans who were craving for sports during the lockdown. For a short moment of time, ESF brought football back to life.

In the past 65 years, 1.754 jerseys are worn by clubs in the Eredivisie. All history books and archives were carefully examined, and for each shirt we produced a digital copy. For weeks, the designers of TDE and Triple Double have been busy designing all shirts in high detail. With success! Together with Eredivisie CV, Triple Double, Santos, FOX Sports and AD, the first edition of the Eredivisie Shirt Festival was launched on the 17th of April 2020.

Before we forget... It's worth to mention that the Eredivisie Shirt Festival won a Mercur award in the category 'Best Partnership'. The campaign was also nominated for 'Best Digital Platform' at the World Football Summit Award.

Check out Eredivisie Shirt Festival to relive Dutch football history.
Please note that the election is closed.

Digital shirt election

Each (former) Eredivisie club - 53 in total - got its own clubpage with shirt designs. The shirts are divided in home- and away kits. To help clubs promote their clubpage each club received a set with digital assets. On the website, fans were able to add their favorite shirts to a shortlist. Eventually each fan could nominate three shirts for the election. In total, more than 686.000 shirts were liked, and over 162.000 nominations were applied.

With the help of 50.000+ fans, a jury of experts - consisting of Jan Joost van Gangelen (FOX Sports), Frank Evenblij (Bureau Sport), Arno Kantelberg (Esquire), Sjoerd Mossou (AD) and Victoria Koblenko (actress / presenter) - elected the winners.

ESF gameplan

Due to the postponed matches, clubs were very commited to use ESF to (re)connect with their fans. Therefore, peak traffic was expected. To cope with the corresponding server load, extra hosting measures were taken. Caution... The next paragraph gets quite technical.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) was used to host the website. We hosted the front-end of the website on Amazon’s CDN (Content Delivery Network), which reduces the load by making use of caching. The CDN automatically scales during peaktimes. This allowed fans to visit the website in large numbers.

In the back-end of the website we used Beanstalk. This is a service in AWS that helps to scale the servers horizontally. During peaktimes extra servers were automatically added, and during less busy times unused servers were getting automatically disabled. This turned out to be a winning set-up, as no errors or downtime were noted.

The final score

All clubs simultaneously launched the ESF campaign via social media. FOX Sports (broadcaster) and AD (newspaper) also published an article on the same day with the rules ®ulations of the online shirt election. In no time, the campaign was picked up by almost every Dutch media channel. In total ESF was shared by over 198 different media channels.

In just three weeks over 211.000 fans visited the website, from more than 150 countries, visited the website. The bouncerate of fans was extremely low, on average they spend 3:11 minutes to admire the collection. Mission accomplished!

"We are very satisfied with this campaign and our partnership with Triple Double and TDE. The love for football in general, and the shirts in particular, really came to life in this campaign."

— Marc Rondagh, Business Development Manager at Eredivisie CV.

van Looijengoed

Creative Lead | Management

What a great project for a football fan like me. The concept, the timing (unintentionally), the reactions, everything was spot on. On to more beautiful projects!

Eredivisie Shirt Festival