This is how 15,000 Ajax fans decided on the Ajax season pass design.


Ajax is the most successful Dutch football team with 33 national championship titles and 11 international prizes.


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Everything for our fans

Supporters are the greatest asset a football club can have. After all, what would a club be without its fans? Therefore, it makes sense that clubs will do anything to strengthen the bond with their supporters. Getting supporters involved in important matters is just as valuable as a winning goal. Every year in July, the season passes arrive in the mail around the country. It’s an almost magical pass that holds a special place in many a wallet for the entire season, to be taken out and shown with pride dozens of times. Fans almost never have a say in the design of these season passes, which seems odd. This is why Ajax has made something, which should be a matter of course, possible...

In the first phase, fans were allowed to come up with their own designs (read below to find out how that works), and then it was up to all the supporters to decide which design it was going to be. At the end of the day, exactly 16,808 fans were involved with the design of the season pass either through submitting their design or casting their vote.

We can hear you wondering, how did they manage to do that? We'll explain it to you from start to finish!

How every fan became a designer

Not everyone is a Photoshop wizard. That's why it was important for this campaign that every fan had the opportunity to become a designer. The professionals went ahead and used Photoshop and uploaded their files. For the 'average' fan, we developed a digital toolkit.

Our biggest technical challenge? Making the toolkit suitable for mobile devices and, with it, approximately 85% of our visitors. By bringing the Ajax design team into direct contact with our front-end developers and digital strategists, we were able to combine our strengths and create a highly user-friendly flow, if we may say so ourselves :). It's no accident that we received 7.392 designs.

And the winner is...

After Ajax had selected around 10 designs, it was time for the fans to have their say. When the vote count finally ended, after 9.416 votes were cast, we had a winner. This design will be distributed to all season pass holders at the end of July.

From engagement to sales

A campaign like this is not only perfect for increasing fan engagement. It is also the ideal way to get to know your fans. By linking every step of the campaign - from the thank you page to confirmation emails - to the page providing information regarding the purchase of a season pass, we naturally integrated a sales component into the campaign. We were also allowed to develop this digital aspect for Ajax.


Creativity is part of our DNA. And, together with TDE, we have created a platform where every Ajax fan can express that creativity.

— Jelle Faber, Ajax Concept & Design Coordinator


Back-end Developer

As an Ajax fan, what could be better than setting up a campaign like this for your own football club? It makes it just that little bit easier to create something that you mean to use yourself ;). Technically speaking, one particular challenge was to keep the app as light as possible to limit the peak loads on the server. With a 100% uptime, we succeeded in doing just that. Let this be the first of many fine joint campaigns!

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