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At TDE, we love sports and harness its unparalleled power in marketing. We know exactly what limitless possibilities the digital world offers. Fueled by creativity, this leads to award-winning campaigns, activations and platforms.

We think it up, we make it.

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Why work with an agency if they don't completely unburden you? We really take that for granted. That we are ready whenever you need us, at any time. That requires flexibility and reliability. A wonderful sense of peace of mind, knowing that things will always work out.


With us, you can be confident that you're always ahead of the curve; we know what's going on and what's possible. As soon as you hear about it for the first time, we already know all the ins and outs. A contagious curiosity that teaches and inspires.


Let us pleasantly surprise you. These are the moments when you can really make a difference. From a quick win to proactively pitching a new concept.


You work in sports for a reason. Exactly. You want to win and so do we. We have an enormous hunger for success, driven by our unparalleled passion and unquenchable eagerness. Will you challenge us?

Services that we provide

Thinking up and making in one team that shares a love of sports, that's TDE. 'Full service' is what it's called with a trendy word.



As a team, you can't start a game without tactics. The objectives of our clients are always leading, as they should be. We often see additional opportunities, for example in creating innovative revenue models.



Our creativity is pragmatic and results-oriented. The use of the latest digital possibilities makes our concepts extra distinctive.



Our designers are all-rounders; we offer the best in UX, motion, graphic, web and visual design. Moreover, our design and creation team work closely together, to make sure each piece of communication is fully in line with the original idea.



Developers not creative? Of course they are. No success without technical ingenuity. With blockchain, back- and front-end developers and hosting engineers we develop apps, platforms and campaign sites that effortlessly receive millions of visitors and generate conversion.



To reach our clients' target audiences, we create in-house content, both copy and video. From online commercials to social media captions. All this is distributed via a sophisticated distribution strategy and with specialized knowledge of all (social) media channels.



Conquering the internet is not always done online. As sports marketers, we know how to make the best use of sponsorship rights and provide creative activations that are so media-genious that they also score online.

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The faces behind the work

These curious people think up and create your solutions.
Geert van Soest
Geert van Soest Back-end Developer
Jorik Tilstra
Jorik Tilstra Creative Director
Sem Roelofsma
Sem Roelofsma Video Creative
Bart van Vegchel
Bart van Vegchel Front-end Developer
Michiel van Looijengoed
Michiel van Looijengoed Management | Strategy
Rene van Gool
René van Gool Blockchain Developer
Marc Schuurman
Jordi Kroon
Jordi Kroon Back-end Developer | DevOps
Lennart Boven
Lennart Boven Managing Partner
Ruud Dankers
Ruud Dankers Management | Innovation
Tim van Berlo
Tim van Berlo Creative
Stan Zeetsen
Stan Zeetsen Creative Developer
John van Hulsen
John van Hulsen Lead Developer
Joep Winters
Joep Winters Client Lead
Jeffrey Schmitz
Jeffrey Schmitz Back-end Developer
Dirk van Gaal
Dirk van Gaal Graphic Designer
Frank Goossen
Frank Goossens Finance Lead
Nathalie Kuijpers
Nathalie Kuijpers Finance
Johan van den Berg
Johan van den Berg HR Lead
Jelka Beerens
Jelka Beerens Finance
Lotte van der Plas
Lotte van der Plas Recruitment

Do you want to become part of our team? Join us!

Who we work for

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As sports fans we love winning

Over the years we’ve accumulated quite the trophy cabinet. As this really is part of our DNA, we want to win and share these awards with our clients through awesome work.
4x SponsorRing

The most prestigious award within the Dutch world of sports.

1x European Excellence Award

Europe's most prestigious PR award.

1x Clio Sports Award

Creative recognition for outstanding activation of sponsorships.

3x European Sponsorship Award

Europe's leading sponsorship recognition.

21 9 Eindhoven 7012

TDE Ventures

We are explorers, love to go on adventures. 'What if' are the most used words in our concept presentations. This deep-rooted curiosity has already led to several successful TDE ventures.


NFTs, DAO, DeFi and the Metaverse. With Sportnode, we help clubs, athletes and organizations in sports to get started in the world of Web3.

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With this label, we offer athletes the opportunity to immortalize their legendary moments as NFT in the blockchain.

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Together with founder Ruud Dimmers and his team, we expanded RacingNews365 from hobby site to the largest Formula 1 platform in the Netherlands.

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