About us

Getting you closer

Closer to your favorite sport, club or legend. That is how TDE is helping brands, organizations and clubs. Always utilizing the latest technology. For us, digital sports marketing is a craft and we are the craftsmen.

With unconditional love for sports our creatives, developers, designers, online marketers and social media managers constantly improve to achieve the ultimate result. That’s how we will get you closer than ever.

Strategy & Creation

Every succes story starts with a good idea and a well planned strategy. So that’s what we do at TDE. Our creatives and strategists are always-on, understanding how to help brands, organizations and clubs. Always with the latest technology in mind and based on proven strategies. That’s how we make a difference together.

Web Development

Whatever your wish for the world wide web is, our developers speak their languages and are experienced in developing platforms, webshops, websites, apps, campaigns or digital activations. No crazy project our developers can’t handle. So place your order on our contact-page :-)

Social Media

Meticulously planned strategies support spreading your message across every desired social media channel. We create, post, manage and spread it. Can it be more carefree?

Digital Design

Offcourse it is all about content, but it's also something for the eye. A great concept truly comes to life with an awesome design, naturally with the need of the end-user as starting point. Weather is it a cool social visual, a fancy animation or a smart design for your new website: our Digital Design team makes creative ideas a reality.

Online Marketing

Excellent search ranking and continuous insight in your statistics: there should not be a website without. Powered by Fingerspitz we help you with SEO, SEA and for example display advertising to get you one step closer reaching your goal every day.


Virtual applications such as 360 videos, virutal meeting environments, Instagram & Snapchat face filters and 3D configurators. We have a dedicated team of creative developers and (motion) designers who cannot wait to realize this for you as a client.

These companies chose TDE!

Our mom and dad

TDE was born from a marriage between sports marketing & development. TDE is the best of both worlds with specialists covering all positions. We are the digital team of Triple Double and the sports development team of the Handpicked agencies, but most of all we are TDE. A digital sports marketing agency ready to conquer the world. Despite our love for digital communication we believe the best products and ideas originate when working together side by side every day.

About Triple Double: tripledouble.nl
About Handpicked agencies: handpickedagencies.com

Our Prize cabinet

Gold, Silver, Bronze. The cup with the big ears or the world cup. In sports it's all about prizes. They are a reward for the ultimate performance that we achieve together with our customers. This is our prize cabinet. So far 😉🏆

Mercur 2020

Eredivisie Shirt Festival | Partnership of the Year

Website of the year 2020

RacingNews365 | Best and most Populair sportwebsite of 2020

Website of the year 2019

RacingNews365 | Best and most Populair sportwebsite of 2019

Dutch Interactive Award 2019

Nominated in the category Disrupter with Smart Medal

SAN Accent

TDE | New Kid on the Block Award

FONK50 2019

TDE | 2nd agencies middle size, 18th agency overall Netherlands

Sponsorring 2019

NN | Supporting all Runners

Sponsorring 2019

ED.nl | Carnaval with Romario

Website of the year 2018

RacingNews365 | Best and most Populair sportwebsite of 2018

Sponsorring 2017

Nationale-Nederlanden | Running supporter

Sponsorring 2017

Essent | A night at FC Groningen

Dutch Interactive Award 2016

Nominated in the category Disrupter with Hartbeat of the Legion

Our star players

Our talented team of experts is always-on in the field of digital strategy and creation, social media management and marketing, front-end and back-end web development, online marketing and content production.

We are always up for a challenge, just say the word!

Lennart Boven

Managing Partner


Michiel van Looijengoed

Head of Development


Jorik Tilstra

Senior digital sportmarketeer / Creative


Ruud Dankers

Head of Innovation


Marc Schuurman

Manager Social Media


Stijn Bindels

Head of Digital Design


Teun Habes

Digital Sportmarketeer


John van Hulsen

Lead Developer


Bart van Vegchel

Front-end Developer


Jeffrey Schmitz

Back-end Developer


Jerome Anker

Back-end Developer


Jordi Kroon

Back-end Developer


Stan Zeetsen

Creative Developer


Sem Roelofsma

Motion designer


Roan Bezemer

Social Media Manager


Frank Goossens


Johan van den Berg


Joep Winters

Joep Winters

Client Lead


Tim van Berlo

Tim van Berlo